MkIII 2.1
power amplifiers with adjustable gain control and a BOO™ optimized
crossover.The bass management for the 2.1 system is incorporated within
the SUB 8 MKIII which is, of course, an integral part of the system, and
features an 8″ woofer driven by a 100-Watt power amplifier.
   The Blue Sky System
One offered the most
precise, most detailed
sound I’ve ever heard,
and would
magnificent as a studio
monitor system, which
is what it was designed
to be. The Blue Skys
offer exceptionally
refined sound and
incredibly extended
frequency response.
"Overall, these Blue
Sky monitors sound
musical and pleasant.
They have very low
distortion and low
listening fatigue.
is sharp and the sense
of depth is impres-
sive. I heard unusually
good separation of
instruments in loud,
complex mixes. What’s
more, the system
provides excellent
tion of reverb."
I can recommend this
system to any
recording musician,
and especially to
those who need highly
accurate moni-
toring in physically
confined spaces and
in the vicinity of
equipment.The overall
sound of
this system is open
and forward,
bringing out voices
with distinction.
Ashton Street Recording Studio
Alexandria, VA    -    703-362-6066
Ashton Street Studio
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In professional
applications such as
recording, mixing and
video post, ProDesk™
MKIII 2.1 is the first truly
full-range monitoring
system specifically
designed for critical
mixing and monitoring
on the desktop.  The
SAT 5 MK III satellite
speaker features a
proprietary 5.25″
hemispherical driver
with a superlative
Danish tweeter,and is
powered by dual 60Watt
 Our new Blue Sky ProDesk MkIII 2.1 Monitoring system!