recording and editing

studio equipment

  • QuadCore i7 processor computer (in soundproofed area with redundant spike protection and battery backup)  running Cubase Pro with 1TB x 2 mirrored RAID drives for music files.  All files redundantly backed up.
  • Plugins including Drumagog and Izotope RX  plus dozens of other top quality plugins
  • Mackie Control Universal Pro + XT's 24-fader control surface
  • X-Keys 60-key aux keyboard

control room and studio

  • Main Studio, isolation booth, listening/mixing area & lounge.
  • New award-winning Blue Sky ProDesk MkIII 2.1 monitors
  • Auratone & house speakers
  • Cue mix system provides up to 25 listeners with up to 7 mixes & talkback from 5 locations 
  • Custom rack with 116-patch points including direct-ins, headphone outs, and endless routing possibilities.  
  • 10 to 14 simultaneous microphones, plus 2-6 direct-in's and midi in.
  • Universal Audio 4-710d Four-Channel TwinFinity Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics
  • ART Pro MPA-II Two-Channel Tube preamp
  • Focusrite Octopre (8 ch) with limiting & EQ
  • two MOTU 2408 MkIII A/D convertors

  • Audio Technica 4050 & 450's
  • Rode NT2-A          
  • GrooveTubes GT57
  • Shure SM7B, SM81, KSM27, SM57's

  • Yamaha P-45 weighted-key piano/keyboard
  • Fender Concert & Deluxe Amps
  • Gallien-Kruger & Vox Practice Amps
  • Yamaha MIDI keyboard
  • 10 professional guitars and
    basses (all upgraded and set up in
    the shop)